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Vampire Documentary 
11:36am 10/02/2009

Hey there,


I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I am a casting associate working on a documentary for MTV’s series True Life. We are currently looking for real vamps and psy vamps who would be interested in participating. Please email me at TL2009@mtvn.com if you’d be interested in applying or just learning more about the project.




MTV Research/Casting

Fresh Blood. 
02:50pm 04/11/2008
mood: content
Okay so I'm new here but sort of familiar.

anyone want to chat?
If you like vampires, I'm one to talk to.
07:58pm 28/11/2007
mood: excited
Ok so I  am looking for a girlfriend. Well, I have a friend that is bisexual too, and she is trying to hook me up with someone. I hope it works out. I've never had a girlfriend and really want one. I'm not sure on how soon is to soon for sex though. I mean when I lost my virginity I waited six months into the relationship. I don't know if that's to long or to early or what. And I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do. But I'm not quite as worried about that. I'm just real excited!!!
10:31pm 21/12/2005
mood: depressed
as i lie here i relise what i want
all i want is for the pain to go away.
all i want is for all this to vanish
how can this happen if all i know is pain
i can no longer smile
i can no longer laugh
i have no idea of how i should relate to such things.
give me a flask make me relise the only escape is the only way to life.
watch as i breath my last breathe away
watch as i end
watch as i try to forget
watch this all disapear
watch my life go down the drain
i can no longer connect
why is this me
why is this no one else
maybe i was created to feel this
maybe there is no way i shal;l understand
hold me as i leave
03:03pm 30/09/2005
mood: crappy
So why is it that as soon as I start feeling shit again then I resort to cutting to get high?

I really wish I knew because it's one thing that's fucking with my mind.
I have stiches on my right arm and I'm going to be doing distance education and part time schooling from now on.
because I can't handle being around school, nothing could make me want to ill myself and those around me more right now.
My psycologysts and my parents are thinking about sending me down to the rockbey rehab centre for a while after I see the great dr. Ican'tpronoucehisfuckingname
and confess my secrets and how I feel to him.

And I swear to god that i he's asks "and how does that make you feel"
then I will shove his pen and pad up his arse and ask him how that make's him feel.
new siouxsie community 
09:00pm 20/01/2003
mood: complacent
i've created my own siouxsie community and it's in desperate need of members:

siouxsie's realm: painted vile in lurid hue
05:51pm 04/05/2005

01:12pm 27/04/2005

go join please...
Female † 14 † single † likes girls 
09:19pm 10/02/2005
mood: calm

Hey, I'm new...just call me Sassy...I'm looking for some people like me.......

my favourite bands include : Jack Off Jill, Nirvana, Kittie, The Distillers, Evanescence

well yuh to find out more about me you can check out ... http:://www.freewebs.com/blackheartsbleeding

my real name is jenny but I hate it

I'm english

09:29pm 28/12/2004
  I thought I would join.
more about me.
04:14am 21/12/2004
  If anyone is interested, there are no members yet. Then again, there is no community on Lj specifically for this.
gay_goth_boysCollapse )

even though only one person replys in here....lol.
08:39pm 18/12/2004
mood: complacent
I thought I'd join, even though this seems like a dead community.
I'm a bi-sexual male from Detroit mi. There seems to be no relevant
community's on Lj that pertain to me.
Hopefully my post will get this place going again.
01:59pm 29/10/2004
07:08pm 16/10/2004
♥New To Community♥Girl.♥Likes girls.♥Shelby Roxanne♥seventeen.♥

Intrested In: Gothic Fashion, Experimenting with makeup, Pretty girls and boys, Industrial and Gothic/Etheral Music, Photography, Vampire Novels, Meeting people online, Horror Films, and love.

Add me if you wish, I'm lonely.

-take me home?-
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You've Got To Kiss Me...Collapse )
01:25pm 13/10/2004
mood: disappointed

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

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The Cure Photos @ Soundnova.com 
11:51pm 12/10/2004
  In case you haven't had a chance to yet, a new set of The Cure photos are over at Soundnova.com

Click here to head on over.
i'm very bored and nothing much happens here so... 
05:23pm 31/07/2004
mood: creative
i'm updating for the hell of it ;)

i wish i knew attractive people... ah well. until the time i meet some one gorgeous, loving, perfect in everyway (ok, i understand that's not going to happen. i'm not delusional) i'll have to make do with gazing at famous people.

people of the month: siobhan fahey & peter murphy

not nessecerily how they look now... yes siobhan as maintained her looks (possible with surgry, but who am i to complain) but i've not seen any recent pictures of peter murphy so who knows what happened there.

don't ask me why i like these people. it's just that 'thing'...
which is more attractive? 
01:35pm 24/07/2004
mood: contemplative
a man or a woman?

i've thought about this for quite some time and women do appeal to me more. i tried to work out why, and what it was about them that attracted me, and i did come up with some ideas but it all became a little confusing. a perfect, slim, blonde, tanned model-type is NOT my thing. there has to be something 'special' about any person i like, just that 'something' you can't quite put your finger on. possibly because my taste in men is so specific in the way they should dress, look and behave, women appeal to me more because i have no set ideal.
01:10pm 22/07/2004
mood: vampire-esque
hope you enjoy the community. you may also like the 80s goth community

share feelings, emotions, crushes, fetishs, poetry, pictures. anything you want really, please try not to be filthy with what you say, i want this to be a nice place and enjoyable environment for all.

post, read and be merry.

love, becky