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which is more attractive?

a man or a woman?

i've thought about this for quite some time and women do appeal to me more. i tried to work out why, and what it was about them that attracted me, and i did come up with some ideas but it all became a little confusing. a perfect, slim, blonde, tanned model-type is NOT my thing. there has to be something 'special' about any person i like, just that 'something' you can't quite put your finger on. possibly because my taste in men is so specific in the way they should dress, look and behave, women appeal to me more because i have no set ideal.
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yes, i ask myself that question a lot too. but i still can't come to a conclusions. i agree about the "special something" needed. and i am also picky about the boys, but i think i'm just as pick about the girls. i guess i'm just a picky person. sometimes i think there is a possibility that girls attract me more because they obviously relate, and underestand me better since i'm a girl too. i think there is some sort of universal connection between all women ... its like we can all sympathize for each other, because we are all intuitive and we all know.
i'd love to believe all women understood each other and could sympathise, but my best friend is totally clueless. she just hates 'girly' things, if you have a problem, or needed to talk she'd probably just say "awww poor you, forget about it" the end. she 'never has problems' (yeh right) and she never picks up on anything either, she just hates that sort of thing...

i know what you mean though, i'd love to be in a relationship with a girl for the ability to share problems and sympathise with each other. i've still not figured out quite what attracts me to women like i have for men though. could make relationships a little difficult if i get caught up with someone i realise i don't want to be with.
i actually have a friend like that too. i feel bad for people like that ... does that mean that they just sit and have nothing to think about? i don't think i could handle that. does this friend know that you are not sure about your sexuality yet? i know i would never tell my friend like that.

so you've never had a relationship with a girl? where there ever any girls in particular, besides famous girl, that you found you may have a crush on?

sorry if i'm being nosey ... i'm willing to tell my stories too, if you're willing to listen.
i'm sure they think about things... they're just very closed. she has family problems - her brothers are autistic and i know thats a problem for her but she just can't discuss it properly. she has tried but gets scared and stops.

this friend, gemma, is the only person who knows i'm 'bisexual' though she does just think i'm bi, i've never told her i thought i could be a lesbian. i actually told her i far prefered men (she reacted quite badly when i first told her so i tried to make it better by adding that). she's fine with it now but it might be weird brigging it up again.
i don't see myself having any other friends who i trust and i know most of them would over react and be cold to me for being 'unsure'. they'd hate it.

well, as i only admitted to myself a little while ago i could be gay, and i haven't told any one i know (bar gemma) getting into a reltionhip with a girl will be hard for me. i have 'plans' though... lol...

i've never had a crush on a girl i actually knew. just some girl who worked in a cd shop... other than that just famous people. this is going to be hard to explain: i have quite a weird relationship with gemma - i know i talk about her alot but we are very close. it's odd because of her in-ability to talk to me in a 'girly' way. we're not a couple and i'm not sexually attracted to her at all (just to clear that up) but sometimes, we act very much as if we are. we both need to be reassured that we're each others 'best friend' that's what confuses me. she asks me all the time if i'll always like her more than anyone else... and i kind of do the same. because it's not an obviously close 'girly' relationship, we have 'uncomfortable' moments where we get close... most girls just hug "aww" etc gemma can't so it gets embarrasing. no i'm not attracted to her and she's not even gay so it makes it feel bad for her.

wow that went on. i have few people to talk to so i'm just letting go lol....

of course i'm willing to read your stories, it's what this whole place is here for :)
ok, well mine is quite a story ... actually its more like an soap opera ... so i should probably start a new post for it since its long. but before i do that could you tell me how to make that "read more" link? and also ... is there a way to make this a private thing, so only members of the community can read it? because i have some friends who go on live journal too and i'm not sure if i want them to see that i'm posting our whole situation when they click on my "friends" link.
i did reply to this but i accidentally deleted it. if you got the comment emailed to you fine, if not tell me and i'll post again.
hey. i dont ahve a confirmed sexuality... i was wondering if anyone knew a good way to tell? i think i might be bi cos i have similar attractions to guys and girls. im confused. help?

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