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gothic sexuality

express yourself: bisexual or otherwise

gothic youths: express your sexuality
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share feelings, emotions, crushes, fetishs, poetry, pictures. anything you want really, please try not to be filthy with what you say, i want this to be a nice place and enjoyable environment for all.

this community was made for gothic youths who are:
  • confused about their sexuality

  • assured and want to share their sexuality with others

  • looking to meet others who are similar

  • looking to discuss emotions openly with no predjudice

  • crazy about siouxsie sioux or robert smith

or people who just want to join because they do ok?!

  • well, it has to be said: no one homophobic

  • i don't really want modern/fake goths here like stereotyped marilyn manson worsippers

  • this is not an online whore house so no naked pictures

  • dont' have to be young particularly but teens and above ONLY